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IT Today November 26, 2008

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Hmm.. It’s HEAVEN..So I’m trying to post some publication here..

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Nikon-ers November 25, 2008

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I’ve just got back home from my friend’s when suddenly I realize that Copper IM me.

Cartwright: Hey Steve, do you still planning to buy a DSLR camera?
Lockhart: Of course I am, but not in the nearest time. Why asking?
Cartwright: Well, I’m also considering to buy one.
Lockhart: Wow, that’s great. So which one do you considering to buy?
Cartwright: I guess the D90 one.
Lockhart: Ho, the new one. How much is it?
Cartwright: About $1000. Maybe 13 million in your place
Lockhart: 12.5 million. And it’s similiar with D300?
Cartwright: Almost similiar, and it’s body only.
Lockhart: Without the lens? And what lens do you want to use?
Cartwright: I’m still thinking over it, Ashton suggest that I take the 18-200/f 3.5 VR but I was thinking about 24-85/f2.8 so I can get a clear night shot.
Lockhart: I don’t know, I guess if I were you I’ll take the 18-200 one. Beside, it’s VR already, I guess it won’t be much of a problem if you want to take the night shot.
Cartwright: Well, actually, I’m not too sure about this VR.
Lockhart: And how much the lens cost in there by the way?
Cartwright: 18-200 $600 while 24-85 cost $500

Well I am looking at www.jpckemang.com and got the price in there.

Lockhart: Well it’s 8 million in here for the 18-200 one. Damn, by summing it up, it will cost about 20 million. It’s totally out of my price range, I guess I will still stick with D60.
Cartwright: Yeah, it’s a hard call for me. By the way I have to get into the class now. Talk to you later then.
Lockhart: Yeah. See you then.

Both of us are Nikoners because the camera we used when the first time we learn about photography while we were at junior high school is Nikon. While most of my friend right now are Canoners (these are actually the term I like to use). Well I guess I do really need a lot of saving to buy one immediately.

How To Be Popular (part 5) November 25, 2008

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What’s the secret of popularity?
What makes some people so likeable and others not liked at all?

Popular people:
*Always have a ready smile for everyone.

*Show genuine interest in others and what they have to say.

*Remember that a person’s name is the sweetest and most important sound to them! Popular people call others by their names, and do it often.

*Are good listener who encourage others to talk about themselves.

*Make the person they are speaking to feel important and do it sincerely. They always make the conversation about YOU, not about themselves!

How To Be Popular (part 4) November 21, 2008

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Can you ever live down a mistake that might be making you unpopular?

YES! Of course you can!

The first step along the road to popularity is honestly admitting that there might be areas of your personality, wardrobe, and “looks” that could use a little improvement.

No one is perfect, and most of us have at least a few quirks that might lessen our chances of fitting in with the popular crowd.

It’s only when we face this fact honestly that we can begin to learn How to Be Popular.

Remorse November 21, 2008

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Somehow and sometimes I think I feel a little bit of remorse inside of me. Who would know that working in my organizations somehow can be quite of fun. And interesting. I learn a lot of things and when I say ‘a lot’ it really means ‘a lot’.

But what I do feel regret is that I didn’t do this a little bit sooner so that I didn’t get much of a chance to work with some of my senior and learn things from them. People who I admire and look up to. Because they seem to know what to do at a certain time. And by this time when my period has almost ended because it’s my third year in college, suddenly I feel like I want to do something to contribute myself. I don’t know where this feeling comes from, somehow I just think that I have the power to change and influence a lot of things. I’m starting to sharing some of my thought with my other friends, giving some opinion, advices, anything that I can do within my power which I’ve never done before.

Yeah, I’m starting to give my concern to my organizations. But sadly, I don’t have much power than I am a year ago because I was too busy creating a lifestyle at that time. I’m not blaming other people or other things. I don’t even blame myself because I have already made a choice and decided about what I was about to do with my life at that time and I’m going to live with that choice. What I’m about to do right now is try to make up all of the time that I have wasted.

And certainly, what I do really know at this time is that I have to leave something from me for this organizations for what they have given me for this past several years.

Whatever.. November 16, 2008

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Well. I don’t really care whatever the problem is. I told them about the thing that’s make me upset for the past several days. I came to them, asking for explanation but instead silence is the only thing I got. And it’s not like I’m mad at them, I still can control my emotion, and my voice, is it? I’m pretty sure that I deserve some kind of explanation from them. But since they spoke nothing, whether they had to keep it secret or they didn’t know what to say, so I was the only one speaking at that time. My legs were shaking, I didn’t know why but that’s what I felt. I burst out all of my mind, and I didn’t really care whom I spoke at that time.

And after I finished, there was a moment of silence among us, I was expecting that they gave their arguments and try to make me to look from their point of view. But they still quiet. Another dissapointment I thought. This is not what I came for. Getting their silence. I needed answer, I needed explanation because I didn’t understand how they were thinking.

And since they were so quiet, I assume that I was right.
And they told me that they will discuss this problem with others and try to come up for a solution. Well to tell you the truth, I’m not so sure that this decision will change and I’m pretty sure that this will remain the same. I have no problem actually, it’s not me who they ask for making some funds. Seriously, I don’t want to divide my focus concerning with this, I don’t care, the only thing that I care is my team, I’m their leader at this time and I have my job to protect them, to keep them focus. If ‘The Company’ thinks that I will stay quiet and keep obeying when they take almost all of my team and put them under some job or project, if that’s what they call, then they are completely wrong.

Well at least I told them about this thing and not talking behind their back. I will appreciate whatever solution they come up with.

Or maybe I don’t care whatever solution they come up with.

New Look November 15, 2008

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Well I try to change the look of my blog. I was inspired by Jason’s blog actually. He was the president of HIMTI during 2006/2007 and someone I look up to. So I try to improve mine too.

Well I can’t change pretty much since this wordpress doesn’t give much option for users to customize their own blog. So I do what I can.

This current theme is involving HIMTI next event which is HEAVEN (HIMTI Extraordinary Event) because almost all of us is preparing for one of our biggest event. So the atmosphere around me is HEAVEN style, everyone talks about it so I try to put it as my theme.

Dissapointed November 11, 2008

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I feel like I want to scream right now. After I thought that I have make everything goes as I planned then suddenly a big storm come and hit my team. Yeah I like to call it a team rather than anything else. What makes me dissapointed is that the source of this storm comes originally from,the term that I like to use, ‘The Company’. They put me in charge for this event and help me to arrange all of the member of my team but suddenly they make another event and take almost all of my member and put them under some assignment.

What makes me upset is the assignment they give to my member. They asked them to make some funds for the event that they are going to make. Which is sounded the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Didn’t they know that my event also needs fund and by assigning them, they also kill my event at the same time whether they realize it or not. And it’s not only about fund, I feel pity for them, my team,that thing like this will make their focus divided and they will feel more pressure in them.

After two years stick in this organization, this is the biggest dissapointment in my whole life.
I have to do something.