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The Game September 4, 2008

Posted by stevenlockhart in FOF.
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I have been rereading a book called “The Game”, well it’s not actually a book, it’s an e-book, but I was planning to buy the real one.

I found this book about a year ago from a recommendation of someone in an online forum. This book tells a true story about the life of Pickup Artist (PUA), which is, a group of people discussing and developing some kind of technique to pick up woman. After the first time reading it, it’s like a new door had been opened in my world. I never knew that there is this kind of world and I was getting very excited about this. And because of my curiosity and my tendency of learning new things, I wanted to know more, I wanted to learn it, I wanted that skill.

And so it begun, I’ve read some material, downloaded some clips from YouTube, observing people in real life and movies, I’ve been doing those things for the past several months. And the more I learned, the more I found out that in order to be able to pick up a woman, one must have a very strong frame of himself which I lacked. I didn’t want to use that skill to pick up woman, I just want to be a better person, I wanted to find out what kind of aspect that I lacked of and if by learning this pick-up thing can improve my personality then so be it. Because that’s what happened to the author of this book who is also the main character of the story Neil Straus/Style. He has become a better person than before he found out the seduction community.

And then I’ve made up my mind, I need to fix my inner game before I learn the outer game such as technique and routines. I have to find out why I have this personality which is now I thought would be holding back me to become myself.

And one day I got the answer.

I need to conquer my own fear, and by reversing all of my personality which I have mentioned before, I have created and developed the new me, my alter ego.

I am not the same like I was before, I’m not that insecure, not confident, monotonous guy like I used to be, even I have been able to handle this fear about what-other-people-might-think-about-me. I used to think of trying to make other people like me, but the new me right now has a different perspective “I don’t care whether people will like me or not, but instead they should be worry about whether I will like them or not.”

For some reason, I like the new me better, I have become more confident, I’m not afraid to make mistakes, my mind has become more clear, I’ve become more socialize, and I have a good and better life. I have evolved. That book has influenced me in a good way. I have mastered my own inner game and now I need to learn the outer game.

But of course there is always a price I’ve got to pay.

“People don’t tell who you are, you tell them.” ~Serena Van Der Woodsen