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Life is Cool August 21, 2008

Posted by stevenlockhart in FOF.

The holiday is almost over, it means new semester will be begun soon. Well this year’s holiday is much better than last year’s eventhough I obviously didn’t take any vacation like the way I did last year. You know, for me, it’s not always about what I’m going to do, but it’s who I’m going to do it with.
Copper has just come from America for his summer break and the last time I saw him is about five years ago, and I haven’t met him since that. But now he comes home and contact us, his friends during junior high school and we’re hanging out together just like old times.
The first two weeks of my holiday is spent outside, not just staying at home I mean, like what I or the others used to do when we have no idea of how we should spend our holiday. And eventhough he misses Liza’s birthday party, he still be able to make it to our other activities. And it’s fun although sometimes we just grab a bite to eat and having a really long, wide and deep conversation. Friend is the best thing that ever happens to me.

And there is this friend, Heather. One thing you will recognize when you meet her is how thin she is, if not skinny, even for a girl. I have been wanting to meet her since ‘that day’ of her painful break up after having three years relationship with her boyfriend. Her case is different from Claire, she and her boyfriend are one of my bestfriend during high school, and ever since ‘that day’ happened we’re still wondering “How could he do that to Heather?” and that’s the question that we know we can’t answer. And now I finally meet her and she seems okay, well actually she has to because she just got a new boyfriend.
“So I heard that Garry is single again?” I ask Heather on our way to our destination. We’re just joking around, it’s just a usual simple question like “When had you gone home?” or “Have you watched this movie?” and also we are talking about her in our way.
“Heh, I don’t know.” She answers with a smile in her face trying to tell us that talking about her ex is not bothering her.
“Revenge, huh?” Copper try to imply.
“Nooo. Why should I?” She answer again.
“Yeah, not revenge, you just don’t care anymore, do you?” I say.
“Yeah. You’re right, we have our own separate way now. So let me do mine and let him do his.”
I completely agree with her. Because that is exactly what I had done when I broke up.

And life can’t be better when finally my final score is announced. I have better score than my last semester, well not much actually, but enough I think considering my mid-term’s score was not that good. Who said life is boring? Life is fun, you just have to know how to play it.

I never really try to be positive
I’m too damn busy being negative
So focused on what I get
And never understand what it means to live
You know we all love to just complain
But maybe we should try to rearrange
There’s always someone
Who’s got it worse than you

My life is so cool
My life is so cool
Oh yeah
From a different point of view
(A piece of lyric from Life Is So Cool by Sweetbox)



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