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Fact or Fiction February 29, 2008

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“Is that real ?” my friend George just asks me after he reads my blog. You know,the blog which I make because of this AI lesson. He asks me some kind of confirmation whether what I write really happen.
“I mean,that conversation,it seems like I ever heard it before,but I don’t remember when and whom do you talk to?” he continued.
Of course he hears it,but maybe he just doesn’t listen,he sits beside me at that time while talking to someone.
“Well,the answer is yes and no.”
“I mean,some of those conversation are real while some of them are just my composition. I’ve just combined what has happened in real life,what I hope to be happen,and what I think is good if that’s happen. To put it simply it’s just my own combination,after all it’s the story of my life.” I explain.
“I see.” he says with a sly smile. To me, that ‘ I see’ means ‘I will find out which one is fact and which one is fiction.’
George has been becoming a best friend for me since third grade at high school,he has this solid body which makes him thinks that he is fat. But I don’t think so, he’s not fat, he’s just big boned. He comes to my place almost everyday and it makes me has someone to accompany me,it’s really boring if you’re alone in a room which only has a computer as an entertainment and also we’re in the same class this semester. To me,he has become a great assist to increase my mark at college. He helps me almost in every single lesson. And he’s a type of person which get exciting about something this day,and will forget about it the next day.
“So when will you publish it ?”he asks.
“I don’t know,the only thing people can gain access through this blog is if they find the link in our lecturer’s blog. I haven’t told anyone about this site,it’s just I get this embarrassing feeling, knowing that people read this story.”
“So what’s the point of your writing if you don’t publish it.”
“I write this for myself not for anyone.”
“Even Liza?”he asks again.
“Well to be honest,she doesn’t need to read this story anymore.She has already known me too well.I bet she even knows what I’m going to write next.”
“Fine then,it’s up to you.Ups I’ve got a mail here.”
After that I’m just continuing reading my novel ‘Size 12 is no fat’ which is getting interrupted by those questions.


Books February 28, 2008

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Well I guess reading a book after a long time is really fun..

And I actually find this nice person who has the same hobby as me, a girl of course,how many boys out there who love reading just like me..And it’s not like I’m a nerd or something, I’m just a boy who loves to read..

Okay her name is Alice, I’ve just found out yesterday that she read a book
during lesson break.. Hey it’s very rare to see someone reading a book especially in this digital era where people like to receive information audio-visually,and of course in Indonesia..

And it’s getting easier for me to greet, with her sitting behind me today.

“So, what’s book that you’re reading?”
“Oh, you mean this?”she show the book that she’s holding right now with a little surprised in her face. I think it’s because I suddenly greet her which I never did before.I don’t even think that she knew that I’m exist.
I glance at the book she just show me,it’s one of those Harper Teen books which is used to be my favourite.I don’t even recognize the author.
“Have you ever read the Sophie Kinsella books?” I asked her ignoring the book she show me.
“I’m sorry,but what’s your name?”
And this is the third time she asked my name in one week and I knew that I’m correct. SHE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW THAT I’M EXIST….
“It’s Steve.”
“Oh Steve,yes of course I ever read that books, her books are amazing,she always have a good story in every single book.”
“There’s one author. Do you know? Sidney Sheldon?” she asked back.
“My favourite,I’ve read all of his book.Those are a great books,and the topic of almost all of his book was about revenge.”
“Haha..you got it,so what else?”
“Have you ever read Princess Diaries?”I asked again curiously.
“No,I don’t like it.”
“Haha.I like the author,you know,Meg Cabot,I like her style of writing and now I’m starting to collect all of her books.”
“Really? well you gotta show me.”
Just when she said that,the lecturer has come and the lesson begin.

Ok I think my English has become worse.It’s just I never practiced it anymore.By chatting with my friend couple days ago,I’ve realized I made some grammatical error.Many actually.And I decided to practice it some more.

First thing first February 27, 2008

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Huplaa..My first post,in my new blog..
Actually I’ve already got my blog..but ever since I’ve got my own journal book,
I never post anything in that blog and it’s not like I’m still writng in my journal book either..

Anyway,I made this one because of one of my assignment in college,the AI lesson..Another reason is because I can’t log in my previous blog because of this google-thing they made as a username..To put it in another words we have to have a google account to activate that blog..And since I forgot whether I have it or not,I decided to make a new one..

Well here’s my previous blog address


Hello world! February 27, 2008

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